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Regular Assembly Order of Service

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Current Services

Note that services are sometimes done over Zoom and/or Facebook Live. Those signed up are sent an email or text message with the Zoom link and call-in info each week. If you desire to be sent this info use the Contact Page to send your contact info.

Program may be adjusted as conditions dictate.

*Call to Order


Devotion (Scripture, Hymn, Prayer)

*Welcome & Visitor Recognition


Prayer List/Requests

General/Altar Prayer


Personal/Family Development Time - max of approximate 5 minutes (As Scheduled)

  • On Men and Boys by Men and Boys
  • Or On Women and Girls by Women and Girls -


*Pulpit Devotion

*Song of Preparation

*Message of the Day - Focus on Biblical Principles for Getting Saved and Living Saved

*Invitation for Christian Discipleship/Testimony/Prayer

*Announcements (As Needed)

  • Including Announcement of upcoming Community Development and Engagement Ministry (CDEM) activities such as Texarkana Area Christian Leadership Conference (TACLC) meetings on Saturdays or other days. CDEM including TACLC focuses on application of biblical principles to societal problems/issues/controversies and solutions (As Scheduled).

*Giving (As Scheduled) -- Anytime giving can be done at Donations

Communion/Lord's Supper (As Scheduled)

*Closing Remarks/Exhortation

*Benediction (Numbers 6:24-26; Gen 31:49)

General Notes

*******Items not marked with an asterisk will be omitted on those days when Message of Day Part 2 takes place

--If you have a bible question or other question/clarification, please submit via the Contact TLCMBC Page!


***End of Order of Service***

Supporting Info Follows

Assembly Readings On Getting Saved and Living Saved:

----For reading in assembly, select only one below and only one verse set where multiple verse sets occur----

  1. Why is there a need for a Savior? Rom 5:12
  2. Are there any exceptions to needing a Savior? Rom 3:23
  3. What are the consequences of sin? Rom 6:23
  4. What is God's standard solution to the sin problem? Rom 5:8; Rom 6:23; John 3:16;
  5. How can one through free-will partake of the salvation gift? Rom 10:9-10; Rev 3:20; Matt 4:17; Ephesians 2:8-10; 1 John 1:9
  6. Who can be saved? Rom 10:13; 1 Tim 2:3-6
  7. What is the result of salvation? Rom 5:1; Rom 8:33-39
  8. What do I do now that I am saved? Rom 2:6-7; John 4:24; Heb 13:15; Matthew 5:13-16; James 2:1-4, 9, 13; James 2:5-10, 13; James 2:10-13; James 2:14-18; James 2:19-26
  9. Should we take sin lightly after getting saved? Rom 6:1-2; John 8:11; John 8:31-32; Hebrews 12:1-4; Hebrews 12:5-11
  10. What do I do if I sin? Rom 7:24-25; Matthew 4:17; 1 John 1:9; 2 Cor 7:7-11
  11. What demonstrates whether I am sincere or a pretender? Rom 12:1-2; Matthew 22:34-40; Matthew 7:15-29; 1 Cor 13:1-13

Daily Constructive/Productive Living Information:

  1. On Being a Godly Man, Son, Brother, Husband, Father (As Scheduled)
  2. On Being a Godly Woman, Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother (As Scheduled)
  3. On Being a Godly Child (As Scheduled)
  4. On Being a Godly Member of Church or Body of Christ (As Scheduled)
  5. On Being a Godly Citizen/Member of Society (As Scheduled)

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