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Chaurcey Boyd, an ordained minister of Jesus Christ, is founder of Total Life Christian Missionary Baptist Church (TLCMBC). TLCMBC is first and foremost a ministry component/branch (John 15:1-10) of the universal church (Matthew 16:13-19) of Jesus Christ. The appearance of the word "Church" in the name has reference to Jesus and the biblical apostles use of the word church.

Although, the biblical use of the word church has priority to TLCMBC, TLCMBC is registered with the government for banking, general financial/taxation accountability(Luke 20:20-26), and other legal compliance. TLCMBC shall always comply with the US Government use of the word church with regard to financial transactions and Federal/State/Local government taxation laws just as Jesus indicates (Matthew 22:15-22). The church name registered with the IRS is Total Life Christian Missionary Baptist Church as it began with a baptist focus but has since transitioned to intentionally focus beyond the baptist tradition to a more general Christian tradition thus the church sometimes may use the name Total Life Christian Missionary Bible Church. The church uses either of these names as appropriate for the occasion or associational purposes. For financial/banking purposes it uses the name Total Life Christian Missionary Baptist Church. Dual name usage is legally allowed as churches are not required to be registered with Federal or state government except for banking purposes nor submit annual notices; and submission of name changes for churches is not required. This is not problematic especially since the church intentionally does not collect a lot of funds as the church does not regularly own/rent a building thus lacking associated large expenses and its Ministers are largely self-funded. The church is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization and therefore donations are tax deducible per IRS provisions for churches. For general compliance provisions, see Religion and Taxes, IRS Name Change Requirements, Organizations IRS does not require to file IRS Form 1023 for tax exempt status, and IRS Tax Guide for Churches and Religious Organizations.

In all instances, all ministry components shall remain true to God and his Word, Will, and Way. By faith, the ministry shall trust God to provide essential protection against undue interference by government laws, policies, and procedures.

This ministry addresses the totality of spiritual and natural life. In addition to recognizing God and salvation principles, this ministry provides basic life necessities such as food, clothing, and shelter either directly or through partners in the spirit of Matthew 25:31-46. This ministry addresses God's promises as well as individual/personal, family, church, community, government, and general societal responsibilities. This ministry does not manage or own for-profit businesses or engage in such activities but the ministry does provide information on resources related to such functionality such as employment resources in support of basic life needs in the spirit of Genesis 2:7-15 and 2 Thessalonians 3:10.

TLCMBC uses the Church Constitution and Bylaws Model developed by Chaurcey Boyd. That model is intentionally designed to be generic such that each church adapts terminlogy and other factor to fit the specific church's environment while maintaing foundational principles set forth in the model. For example, TLCMBC using the terminoloy Bishop instead of Pastor for its senior minister and some others. The model is located here.

For more information on the founder's ministry click here.

    Your Brother in Christ Jesus,
    Chaurcey D. Boyd
    Servant of Jesus Christ



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